Devo's Climbs

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rock Climb: Lower Town Wall - July 22, 2010

Spent the day at Index with Tony and Tim. Started off "leading" the lower half-pitch of Japanese Gardens (5.9+/10a). "Leading" in quotes because I hung-dog it something fierce. I was too tired to send it clean - wasn't my day to tick off any projects. :-(

After I got set a toprope we all did a few laps each. It was easier on TR, of course. ;-)


Some gents next to us had led Sagittarius (5.10a) and were kind enough to let me climb using their rope to set a TR on it. We rewarded them for their hard work by sharing some organic India Pale Ale that Tony had brought. Tony and I each lapped it twice, Tim had a difficult time with this one.


After Sagittarius, Tony was called back to work. :-( Tim and I got in a few more pitches on Great Northern Slab via Sickle Crack (5.7), the Aries "Buttlips" Chimney (5.8), and Taurus (5.7). Good Times!


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