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Monday, June 14, 2010

Rock Climb: Lazy day of cragging at Index

Been two weeks since my last rock climb outing - being busy guiding on Mt. Rainier does that. :-(

Went to Index with Rosann, Tim and Tony. Weather was supposed to be hot and my idea was to spend the day at the Inner Wall climbing in the shade, but when we arrived Toxic Shock was still a bit damp. Undeterred, I began leading the initial lieback. I'd placed a couple cams when my feet began to slip on some wetness in the corner. A bit freaked, I called "Take!" and sat down. After a few moments, I collected my scattered lead head and climbed to a ledge halfway up where I could see the rest of the route. Across from me the slab was covered with wet pine needles and the hand crack above was weeping wetness in three places. Discouraged, I rapp'ed to the ground and we hiked back down to the Lower Wall to climb on dry rock.

While I struggled on Toxic, two other friends, Ian and Chad, had hiked up to join us. They stayed behind for a while and top-roped the lower half of Toxic with Tony.

It was still early and we found the Lower Town Wall practically deserted, only Godzilla was occupied. I looked for something amenable to climb, but even here there was a good deal of damp rock. Godzilla appeared to be the best climb for us that day and it wasn't long before it was free. I led it and set up a top-rope, then we spent the next hour-plus running laps on it. Tony, Chad and Ian also TR'd Bat Skins (which I'd rapp'ed down to and an set anchor on). Then Eric Remza, a guide I knew from Rainier, wandered by and joined us about that time.

I left with Rosann and Tim to climb something easy on Great Northern Slab. We scrambled up the fourth class chimney to the ledge where I began climbing the Sickle Crack (5.7). We had only my 70 meter rope, so I tied into the middle, Tim and Rosan to either end - meant we had to run short 35 meter pitches. I climbed to the base of the Pisces hand crack where I set an anchor and belayed them up. From there we went up Pisces, then finished on the third pitch of Great Northern. Eric and Tony, who had begun climbing below on the Aries fist crack, caught up with us and we combined our two ropes for a speedy descent.

All in all, a good day of relaxed climbing enjoyed with some good friends. Good times. :-)





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