Devo's Climbs

Friday, March 19, 2010

Rock Climb: Godzilla/Taurus/Breakfast of Champions

What a gorgeous day for climbing! I just had to get some cragging in before work this afternoon. Met Gene in Monroe and pulled into Lower Town Wall parking lot @ 8:30am - first car! Headed to The Country hoping to get on GM/Heart of the Country, but the approach slab was guarded by a healthy covering of thick wet moss. By the time we walked back to LTW proper several more people had arrived and my backup plan, Princely Ambitions, was spoken for. We scoped out a few other potential routes: Sagittarius (wet), Japanese Gardens (same), but Godzilla was dry and we soon got down to the biznass. Gene's lead (first time!) and other than making the final mantel to the anchor much more difficult than necessary (feet Gene, use the feet!), he was solid.


I followed, we rapp'ed and walked back to Princely where the first party was just leaving but a new party was getting ready. :-( Guess everyone called in sick this morning! Around the corner, a party appeared to be top-roping pitch two of Roger's Corner (?) - damn! Oh well, Taurus was open and I scampered up via the Aries fist/Sickle Crack/Taurus to a belay below the Aries roof, then Gene took us to the top via the Taurus hand crack. The party on Roger's was just rapp'ing off Breakfast of Champions, so we scrambled over to the anchors above, rapped down to the tree and got in a solid lap each to top off our day. Parking lot was 3/4 full when we left at 1:45pm - an obvious sign that Spring has arrived. Despite the crowds, I'm glad it was Friday. Can't imagine the unholy craziness the weekend will bring...


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