Devo's Climbs

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rock Climb: Godzilla/Bat Skins

Spent Friday at Index Town Wall with Hunter, Tony and Gene. It was warm, enough that socks were unnecessary. :-) Warm enough for crowds of people to eventually show up. :-( We had most of the morning to ourselves thankfully. Hunter was jonesin' to lead Godzilla - did a fine job. It was Tony's first time at Index and he really enjoyed it. Must've been the effect of my workout regimen 'cause I tired quickly: three laps on Godzilla was all I managed. We then set a TR on Bat Skins (5.11a) and burned ourselves out. Finished the afternoon off with a few brews and laughs by the river - good times.


TONY vs. BAT SKINS (5.11a)



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