Devo's Climbs

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rock Climb: Index in February - yeah!

Took advantage of the un-wintery weather and went climbing with Kurt on Great Northern Slab. It wasn't sunny like Sat, but it was plenty warm enough with an occasional sun break to cheer things up. For our first climb we linked up the 5.7 sickle crack to the sweet 5.6 splitter crack on Pisces. Then we climbed Aries (5.8), complete with the scary flaring chimney. Last time I led that thing I got my tail kicked. This time I got a sweet knee bar going and was feeling good, until I reached up for a jam with my left hand and got nothing but slimy wetness - the inside of the chimney was soaked at the crux! I focused on my knee bar, took a few breaths, and worked my way up, jamming my left elbow, which was covered by a long sleeve shirt, for extra purchase on the wet rock. Whew! The roof above wasn't too intimidating after that and we sent it without incident. Any climbing in February is good climbing! :)


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