Devo's Climbs

Monday, October 09, 2006

Rock Climb: Careno Crags

Went to L-worth w/ Tom to do some climbing today. I haven't done any climbing since Yosemite - don't feel to good 'bout that, but what can you do? S'posed to climb at Index on Sunday but that was the one day it rained, go figure. Anyhow, got a little in today, though we were hampered in our efforts. First, Tom has been suffering bouts of insomnia lately and was running on one hour of sleep. Then we discovered the trail to Careno Crags is effectively closed - the property has been sold and the new owner has built a driveway and outbuildings where it used to run. We spent a great deal of time and effort scrambling around his property to the base of Careno - probably more than it was worth. Finally, after climbing the first two pitches of the Bale-Kramar route, we found hornets had taken up residence in most of the remaining cracks. We managed to get up pitch three of the Regular Route but by then Tom was pretty whupped, so we walked back to our packs and began the arduous descent to the car. Not everything we hoped, but better than nothing I guess.


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