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Monday, July 31, 2006

Rock Climb: IndexTown Walls - Great Northern Slab

Climbed on Great Northern Slab this afternoon with Katrina. I finally convinced her to go to Yosemite with Kurt and I in September and she wanted to get some trad leading under her belt. We started on the manky off-width 5.8 at the base of GN - this thing used to scare me, now I actually look forward to leading it! Katrina led the next pitch - the easy 5th-class slot to the iron rings - and practiced placing gear. Then I tackled the funky-blocky 5.6 overhang and traversed right over to the perfect 5.6 handcrack above Pisces so Kat could practice leading that too. All the while I'd been giving her an earful on gear, anchors, fall factors, etc. She didn't seem to mind that much - at least she didn't tell me to shut up!

There was enough daylight left when we reached the top that I suggested we do Aries (5.8) - thought she would get a kick doing the committing undercling roof traverse. I led both pitches this time and managed to do the transition from the undercling, around the arete and into the final twin 5.8 cracks smoothly. Usually I've been so nerved up from working the roof that I flail my way up the last 20 feet. Felt good to keep it together this time. Sure enough, Kat found the roof "freaky" but kept her head together and finished in fine form. I love Index rock!

Afterwards we went down to the riverside for PB&J's, string cheese and Hefeweizens and watched the sun turn the clouds pink behind Mt. Index. Good times.


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