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Friday, July 21, 2006

Rock Climb: Index Town Walls - Inner Wall

Went to Index this morning with Ty, Katrina, Andy and Mark. It was supposed to be in the mid-90's by the afternoon so we spent the day at the Inner Wall in the shade. I started my day leading Toxic Shock (5.9, a nervy thin fingers/lieback crack up 30 ft. to a blocky ledge and into another crack of solid jams. Sweet. I'm still nervous leading 5.9 trad at Index but seem to be doing fine. I set a toprope on it and we all got some laps in. Ty took a lot of pictures, so hope to have some good ones of me leading for once!

I then led the right of two twin 5.8 cracks just around the corner from lower Toxic and soon we had two topropes to play on. After everyone had a go at Toxic, they began to work on a 5.11b arete just to the right. It was tough - Ty was the only one to top out and that was after numerous falls on the cruxy start. I gave it a shot and got farther than I expected but not that far.

I climbed TS again on toprope and moved the anchor over to a pair of 5.11 finger cracks on the right. Due to time restraints Katrina was the only one to climb it. Must have been hard - she grunted and screamed her way to the top - she's famous for that. :)

While the gym rats were working the arete, Ty and I went across the gully to Corner Flash - a short but choice 5.7 crack. Ty led first, pulled the rope and then I led. It began with solid hand jams and got wider the higher you went - eventually too wide to protect but the climbing eased considerably by then.

All in all a great day - had a quick freshening in the river before heading home to work at the Crags for the eve.


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