Devo's Climbs

Friday, June 23, 2006

Rock Climb: Index Town Walls

Went to Index this morning with Payge, Ty, Katrina, Andy and Devyn (crazy spelling and a girl too - what's the world coming too?). I began with Godzilla (5.9) - my first time leading this test piece. Waaaaay different being on the sharp end!! Payge followed; we set up a toprope and spent the rest of the morning running laps. Just for the heck of it Ty and I each climbed it via the 5.10b City Park bolt ladder - funky tricky pockets - took two falls trying to reach one on 'em.

While I was leading the big G, Ty led the first pitch of Japanese Gardens (a 5.10a lieback) and put a toprope on it. I gave it a go - took an unexpected fall on the crux, but sent it.

Then we walked the tracks over to The Country. I set a toprope on S.S. Ultrabrutal (5.7); Ty set one on Zoom (5.10d). I climbed Zoom without a fall - probably the hardest redpoint on TR I've ever done - nice! :)

Was pretty beat after all the hard climbing - getting difficult to keep up with these youngsters.... Forgot my camera, so no pics. :(


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