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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Rock Climb: Frenchman Coulee

With bad weather forecasted for the Cascades, David, Kurt and I bagged our plans for Prusik Peak and headed for Frenchman Coulee. We drove over Friday night and camped in the climbers' campground. Thankfully the natives weren't too restless - they went to bed (or passed out) by 2AM. Kurt and I were both nursing colds, so we didn't sleep too well. I also discovered my air mattress had a leak in it. Still, was nice to be outdoors.

Spent Saturday morning at The Feathers climbing The Uprising (5.7), Desert Shield (5.9), Don Coyote (5.8), Medicine Man (5.10a), and a 5.9 route left of Medicine Man that I don't remember the name of. Then we headed back to camp for second breakfast.

The rest of our day was spent on Sunshine Wall where I lead Ride 'em Cowboy (5.9), Clip 'em of Skip 'em (5.8), and Whipsaw (5.9). The sun was out in full force, and that became draining. There were also a lot of people in the area, so we had to wait for climbs. After doing these three routes we returned to camp, ate lunch, packed up and hit the road by 5 - home by 8. Next up Yosemite.


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